Every Picture Tells a Story: The Storytelling of Norman Rockwell

- Hydock, Dolores
Norman Rockwell didn’t just paint pictures; each of his paintings told a story. This program shares a behind-the-scenes look at how Rockwell created his one-image stories in some of his best-loved covers for The Saturday Evening Post.

This program describes Rockwell’s early career, his first surprising encounter with the editors of The Saturday Evening Post, and the techniques he used in his long and successful career as an illustrator and artist. Slide images of his sketches, models, paintings-in-process, and finished work provide insight into the step-by-step process Rockwell used in becoming “America’s painter” – and storyteller on canvas.

This program requires a screen (or blank, light-colored wall) and projector that allows the hookup of a PC laptop to show PowerPoint images. 50 minutes in length.