About the Alabama Humanities Alliance

What can the humanities do for Alabama? They can make our state a smarter, kinder, more vibrant place to live. Read on to learn how.

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Our Mission

The Alabama Humanities Alliance (AHA) exists to provide context, build empathy, and make our state a more vibrant place to live. All through the humanities.

Who We Are

Founded in 1974, the Alabama Humanities Alliance is a state affiliate of the National Endowment for the Humanities. As a statewide nonprofit, we’re passionate about using the humanities to make Alabama better. AHA supports programs that encourage impactful storytelling, lifelong learning, and civic engagement. We provide Alabamians with opportunities to appreciate our diverse cultures, connect with our communities, and to see each other as fully human.

What We Do

We tailor our programs and funding to address the specific needs of communities across the state. AHA offers programs that:


We don’t do this alone. Far from it. That’s why we shine a spotlight on others who use the humanities to elevate Alabama. We honor new Alabama Humanities Fellows each year. And we recognize teachers who go above and beyond.

Plus, through our ongoing grantmaking, we help community cornerstones, cultural nonprofits, and other groups create humanities projects accessible to all Alabamians — from literary festivals and documentary films to museum exhibitions, public lectures, oral history projects, and much more.


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