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The aim of SUPER Teacher is to increase participants’ subject knowledge and, in turn, their confidence, enthusiasm, and effectiveness as educators.

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Why participate in SUPER Teacher?

Participants in SUPER Teacher are afforded a rare and invaluable opportunity to join their peers and distinguished university professors in an intensive exploration of curriculum-relevant topics through directed pre-program readings, lectures, extensive analytical and critical discussions, film viewings, writing exercises, field trips, and cultural experiences.

SUPER also provides a forum in which educators can interact, exchange ideas, gain fresh perspectives, and learn new approaches to teaching. Participants develop a multidisciplinary approach to the humanities and enjoy many significant benefits all at no cost to them or their schools.

The aim of SUPER is to increase participants’ subject knowledge and, in turn, their confidence, enthusiasm, and effectiveness as educators. The content in these programs directly addresses the Courses of Study as mandated by the Alabama State Department of Education. Upon completion of a SUPER program, participants receive a certificate documenting hours earned toward professional development for submission within their own districts. SUPER programs are registered with ALSDE STIPD.

Through SUPER, AHA seeks to foster long-lasting relationships between Alabama’s institutions of higher education, public and private elementary and secondary schools, and the state’s many important historical and cultural organizations.


Eligibility and funding 

All 4th-12th grade teachers currently teaching in Alabama public and accredited private schools are eligible. School librarians and pre-service teachers are considered on a case-by-case basis.

SUPER is an AHA program, and as such, it receives financial support from diverse sources, including the National Endowment for the Humanities, State of Alabama (ACHE Fund), individuals, and private and public corporations and foundations.


“I constantly receive letters of thanks to the Commission on Higher Education for the financial support given to the program. Recently, a new teacher wrote me saying the resources she gained from SUPER are invaluable and that she has learned such a program for teachers is rare. Indeed it is a rare jewel in Alabama’s educational system that brings together elementary, secondary and postsecondary teachers and university faculty all wanting to learn more to expand their knowledge and…their effectiveness in the classroom.”
-Gregory G. Fitch, executive director
Alabama Commission on Higher Education
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2021 Workshops

Understanding Nationalism: An Examination of Its History and Various Manifestations Around the World 

Our Fall 2021 SUPER Teacher workshop is now open for registration. This course will help educators examine the topic of nationalism. The workshop comes with a copy of Machete Season by Jean Hatzfeld. And all participants will receive a $100 stipend, lunch, and five CEU credits.

When: October 15, 2021
Where: Auburn University at Montgomery
Instructor: Lee Farrow, PhD, distinguished teaching professor and chair of the Department of History and World Languages & Culture, AUM

TO REGISTER: Sign up via SurveyMonkey.

Laura C. Anderson is AHA’s coordinator for SUPER Teacher. For more information, contact Laura at 205.558.3992 or