Stony the Road

Exploring Alabama’s Civil Rights Legacy is a National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) Summer Institute for K-12 School Teachers presented by Dr. Martha Bouyer and AHA.


Stony the Road We Trod

Exploring Alabama’s Civil Rights Legacy is a three-week interactive field study attended by just 30 teachers from around the country following an application and acceptance process. Educators selected to take part in the Birmingham-based intensive institute benefit from lectures by scholars, interaction with iconic leaders and foot soldiers of the Civil Rights Movement, and travel to key sites of memory, preservation and documentation in Birmingham, Selma, Montgomery and Tuskegee. Participants access and review archival film footage and other primary source materials, as well as screen documentaries together to help them develop curricular projects for classroom use nationwide and across disciplines.

The next Stony the Road Summer Institute will take place in July 2021. A cohort of 30 summer scholars will be invited to Alabama to walk in the footsteps of unsung foot soldiers and heralded generals of the Movement. Meeting and interacting with history makers will allow summer scholars to bring authenticity to their classrooms. Being able to say, “I was there, and I talked with…” will make history come alive for students and teachers alike. This Institute builds knowledge while providing pedagogical training, preparing teachers to provide instruction on this era of history designed to transform teaching and learning.