About Alabama Humanities Alliance

Thinkers Wanted: Challenge yourself to be more curious, confront your assumptions, dare to investigate, and never stop asking “Why?”

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Our Mission

The Alabama Humanities Alliance (AHA) fosters learning, understanding, and appreciation of our people, communities, and cultures.

Who We Are

Founded in 1974, AHA is the Alabama state affiliate of the National Endowment for the Humanities.

We encourage and promote the appreciation of literature, history, law, philosophy and the arts through programs, events and grants to help all Alabamians discover and share the meaning of life—and all AHA! Moments big and small—found through the humanities.

What We Do

The Alabama Humanities Alliance aims to enrich the lives of Alabamians through engagement in the humanities. We tailor our programs and funding to address the specific needs of our communities across the state.

AHA offers all Alabamians various opportunities to explore the humanities through funded public programs like seminars, workshops, lectures, exhibitions, and films. As the primary source of grants for public humanities programs, AHA initiates and facilitates major events in support of humanities topics and collaborates with other organizations to advance the humanities in all arenas.

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