F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Alabama Connections

- Smith Waters, Mollie
F. Scott Fitzgerald is considered one of the greatest American authors to have ever lived. With the work The Great Gatsby, Fitzgerald became an overnight success, and it is a novel that continues to be read and studied by students across the world. What most people do not know about Fitzgerald is that the State of Alabama played a role in shaping him. Fitzgerald spent time in the military in Alabaman, and he married Montgomery socialite Zelda Sayre. In fact, the only museum in the world dedicated to the Fitzgeralds is located in Montgomery, Alabama. Zelda and her family’s impact on both Fitzgerald’s life and writing must be understood by anyone trying to gain a deeper level of meaning when studying Fitzgerald’s works. By taking a look at his Alabama connections and their influences on Fitzgerald, one will better comprehend the great man’s writings. “F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Alabama Connections” is a program that explores just that.

Large screen, digital projector, and microphone needed if a large crowd.