Footprint on the Sky: Voices from Chandler Mountain

- Hydock, Dolores
The spirit and voices of Alabama’s Chandler Mountain community come to life in this funny and tender story of strong women and Southern hospitality. Bonnets, bow-tie quilts, poke salad, tomato stakes, the recipe for Scripture Cake, an old-timey cure for hiccups and other folk remedies, superstitions and family stories are all part of this affectionate portrait of a close-knit mountain community in the 1970s, where modern-day life mixed with old-fashioned ways. Audience members are invited to recall superstitions and folk remedies of their own as they recall people from their own lives who were as strong, generous and beloved as the people described in this presentation. This program is based on an oral history / folklore collection project completed as part of an American Studies undergraduate degree program at Yale University. The presentation blends Alabama history, folklore and storytelling to create a portrait of a moment when folk traditions are forced to blend with modern ways. This program is especially relevant to anyone with an interest in women’s history, oral history, folklore or Alabama traditions.

A microphone / access to sound system may be needed, depending on the size of the group. A table to display a quilt and bonnets that were handmade on Chandler Mountain and are referenced in the program would be helpful.