From Slave to Soldier to Citizen

- Towns, Peggy Allen*
This talk provides a glimpse of the bravery and determination of African American soldiers who fought for their freedom during the War of Rebellion, better known as the Civil War.

During the war, the U.S. government formed regiments known as United States Colored Troops, composed of African American soldiers commanded by white officers. In North Alabama, slaves left plantations to join the Federal Army. Three regiments, the 106th (first of two regiments raised in Decatur, Alabama), the 110th, and the 111th were garrisoned in Limestone County, guarding the railroad between Nashville and Decatur – a supply route used by Union General William T. Sherman during his Atlanta campaign.

From firsthand accounts, journey with these fearless soldiers as they battled with Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest, in their plight for freedom and the bloodiest conflict in north Alabama.

PowerPoint Presentation on USB (can bring laptop): Microphone, screen, and LCD projector needed.