Huntsville, Water Cress Capital of the World: The Dennis Family Dynasty

- Lang, Christopher
Before becoming “Rocket City, USA,” Huntsville, Alabama, was known as “The Water Cress Capital of the World.” For half a century, from the early 1920s through the 1960s, water cress was a significant cash crop shipped from the area. Lang will recount the history of the Dennis Water Cress Company – a fascinating story of a young entrepreneur, a son nicked the “Water Cress King,” and a state banquet at the White House. Find out how Dennis Water Cress rose from modest beginnings to earn a reputation as the best watercress in the country, and what factors lead to its decline. Slides pf period photographs will show the entire process of water cress production, packing and distribution. To many people water cress is just a tasty garnish, but it contains many healthy properties. Handouts will be provided of recipes from the Dennis Company booklet, which reflect both of these qualities.

A large screen for slide projections and a microphone are requested. A table will also be needed for display items.