Innovation and Creativity for Health and Wellness: Poets and Innovation Across Alabama

- Green, Salaam*
Poetry has the ability to transform us, move us, stimulate our thoughts, and increase our well-being. In this talk, Green demonstrates the many ways poetry is being used to improve the health of all Alabamians, including healthcare workers throughout hospitals and in community caregiving settings. Learn about how Green, a certified listener poet, works with healthcare workers, conducting sessions to reduce burnout and enhance their self-healing.

Listener poets hold space for people to share whatever is on their mind in one-on-one listening sessions. They then write each person a custom poem and use those poems to facilitate meaningful conversations between colleagues, strengthening the social fabric within healthcare systems and contributing to a culture where people care about each other's well-being. This talk teaches about the powerful practice of good listening and provides an opportunity for individuals to receive custom poems.