It’s the Little Things: Five Small Objects That Connect Our World to the Dutch Golden Age

- Hydock, Dolores
You could hold them all in the palm of your hand: five little things that played a big role in shaping the world of 17th century Holland at the height of its power. During the Dutch Golden Age, the tiny Dutch Republic became the dominant financial powerhouse of 17th century Europe. This program explores some of the surprising discoveries, inventions, coincidences, political upheavals, and cultural changes that brought The Netherlands to the height of its power in the 1600s—inventions and world events that helped create the world we live in today.

Photographs, maps, paintings, and historical records help take the audience on a journey from the Arctic Sea to Singapore for the remarkable story of five tiny things that changed the course of world history in unexpected ways.

This program requires a screen (or blank, light-colored wall) and projector that allows the hookup of a PC laptop to show PowerPoint images. 60 minutes in length.