Looking for Your Family’s Past

- Davis, Robert
This talk is not specifically on how to do family history research but rather to explain for someone curious about research in an individual ancestral legacy about what this hobby and profession does. It describes in broad terms about today’s use of DNA, genealogy, the Internet, libraries, privacy, records etc. and other topics relevant to learning history from a family’s experiences.

A talk intended for the curious intrigued by having heard stories of family history research in the media, it also offers answers for the experienced family historian too. The speaker welcomes questions on specific aspects of research such as in foreign archives or privacy, however.

This presentation gives the broad meanings and value of family history and genealogy today, a subject never discussed, in connecting to family stories, family fortunes fraud, physical health, publishing, self-understanding etc. It even discusses genealogy as entertainment in the finding of stories that people in the past were part of or witnessed.