The Iron Finger of Love

- Anderson, Nancy
Clifton Taulbert, author of Once Upon a Time When We Were Colored and Eight Habits of the Heart , among other works, has made an amazing journey from the Mississippi Delta to the position of founder and president of Freemount Corporation, based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Despite the fact that he had every reason not to succeed, he has overcome many obstacles (poverty, a single teenaged mother, and opportunities limited by legal segregation) to achieve international recognition as a speaker and writer (author of 10 books, one nominated for the Pulitzer Prize). Why has he succeeded? What have been his motivations? What individuals have made the differences in his life? How? The answers to these questions appear in his autobiographical writings that pay tribute to the people he calls the “Mississippi Porch People,” and to “the iron finger of love” that has guided his journey.

If the setting and technology allow, there is a PowerPoint supplement to the presentation that incorporates pictures from Taulbert’s life, showing the people who lived and demonstrated the eight habits in his life.