The Story of Noah Wood and the Cabinetmaking Trade

- Lang, Christopher
Learn all about the art and “mysteries” of the trade as Lang unfolds the training of an apprentice cabinetmaker, Noah Wood, in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. Noah begins his woodworking career in Norfolk, Virginia, during the height of the Federal period. The story traces the young man’s employment as a journeyman into Tennessee and eventually establishing himself as a master cabinetmaker in Alabama. The semi-autobiographical plot is based on migration patterns in the old South, study of early-American cabinetmakers and historical events of our young nation. With a combination of slides, cabinetmakers’ design books and examples of woodwork, Lang will impart his extensive knowledge of traditional cabinetmaking. The evolution of historical styles will be clearly illustrated with Colonial, Federal, “Fancy” painted, Empire and early-Victorian forms of furniture. Also on display will be a collection of antique tools containing among other artifacts early wooden, transitional and Victorian metal planes.

A large screen for slide projections and a microphone are requested. A table will also be needed for display items.