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Wallace House, Shelby County.

Wallace House, Shelby County.

About Healing History

This collaborative initiative is designed to strengthen our communities, workforces, and state by helping Alabamians examine their shared history and get to know each other better. Across race, religion, politics, and all the supposed dividing lines that shouldn’t keep us apart.

We aim to build trust, foster empathy, and grow community through mutually respectful discussions about our shared past, present, and future.

“We're all burdened by our history of racial inequality. It's created a kind of smog that we all breathe in, and it has prevented us from being healthy.”

-Bryan Stevenson, Founder of the Equal Justice Initiative; Alabama Humanities Fellow

Healing History: Partner Spotlight

Learn how Black and White descendants of Shelby County's Wallace House plantation are coming together to examine their shared past — and build a new future.

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The Wallace House is only one partner we're working with statewide. Our goal is to spark conversations that lead to tangible outcomes like:

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A shared experience toward common ground.

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