SUPER Teacher Workshop Resources

Resources from the October 15, 2021, SUPER Teacher workshop on "Understanding Nationalism," led by Dr. Lee A. Farrow, at Auburn University at Montgomery.

“Understanding Nationalism”
Recommended reading (articles):

Barbara-Ann J. Rieffer, “Religion and Nationalism: Understanding the Consequences of a Complex Relationship,” SAGE, Vol. 3 (2003).

Eagle Glassheim, “National Mythologies and Ethnic Cleansing: The Expulsion of Czechoslovak Germans in 1945,” Central European History, Volume 33, No. 4 (2000).

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Mark Wintz, “Origins of the Crisis: The Breakup of Yugoslavia,” excerpted from Transatlantic Diplomacy and the Use of Military Force in the Post-Cold War Era, January 2010.

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Wessel Krul, “The Ghent Altarpiece: Early Netherlandish, Flemish, French, German and Belgian,” DBNL, Accessed January 22, 2020.


“Understanding Nationalism”
Recommended reading (books):

Jean Hatzfeld, Machete Season: The Killers in Rwanda Speak (Picador, 2003)

Liah Greenfield, Nationalism: A Short History (Brookings Institute, 2019)

Steven Grosby, Nationalism: A Very Short Introduction (Oxford, 2005)