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We celebrate thinking. We encourage inquiry. We live for surprising discoveries. We exist to join together those who hunger for knowledge and create a sense of belonging among those who desire to learn. We are more than an organization — we are an alliance of thinkers. We are the Alabama Humanities Alliance.

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Calling all thinkers, learners, and aspirers. We challenge you to be more curious, confront your assumptions, dare to investigate, and never stop asking “Why?” Come with us on a quest to learn, every day. Join the Alliance.


AHA gives all Alabamians opportunities to explore the humanities through funded public programs such as seminars, workshops, lectures, exhibitions, documentaries, and more.

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AHA is the primary source of grants for public humanities programs, and we collaborate with other organizations to advance the humanities in both the academic and public arenas.

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Mosaic is AHA's flagship publication, featuring stories that highlight how the humanities uplift communities statewide. Read the latest issue and sign up for free delivery!

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Can community journalism help sustain our democracy?

A new podcast series from the Alabama Humanities Alliance explores the future of journalism in rural Alabama, and highlights a growing number of citizen-produced newspapers that offer a new path forward.

In an era when the definition of truth often can’t be agreed upon, community newspapers are one of the best tools at Alabamians’ disposal to combat disinformation, to help neighbors see past their differences, and to know one another more fully.

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