The Alabama Humanities Foundation is now the Alabama Humanities Alliance

We celebrate thinking. We encourage inquiry. We live for surprising discoveries. We exist to join together those who hunger for knowledge and create a sense of belonging among those who desire to learn. And now our name reflects that bond. We are more than an organization—we are an alliance of thinkers. We are AHA.

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Thinkers Wanted

Calling all thinkers, learners and aspirers. We challenge you to be more curious, confront your assumptions, dare to investigate, and never stop asking “Why?” Come with us on a quest to learn, every day. Join the alliance.


AHA gives all Alabamians opportunities to explore the humanities through funded public programs such as seminars, workshops, lectures, exhibitions, documentary films and more.

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AHA is the primary source of grants for public humanities programs, and we collaborate with other organizations to advance the humanities in both the academic and public arenas.

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Mosaic is AHA’s biannual magazine covering all things humanities across the state, including programming, events and spotlights. Sign up for free delivery of Mosaic here!

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AHA Moments

You know that feeling when everything just clicks? When suddenly something becomes clear in a way it wasn’t before? When you know? That’s an AHA moment. That’s what we’re here to inspire—AHA moments in your everyday life.